Like Bobby D Said…..

Times they are a’changin. More like times have changed, and they’ve BEEN changin. When I graduated from highschool the whole technological, digitized social media thing was like the mysterious new kid in town. Everyone was talking about it, but no one knew what it was capable of yet. There was no Facebook (in fact not even Myspace was around yet), no Twitter, SoundCloud, no one knew what an “app” was, not even YouTube had been invented. Iphones were still just a scary lookin’ embryo in Steve Jobs’ brain. Hell, I didn’t even get a cellphone til I was 23 and then it was only because I had been badgered by my friends and family to join in on the fun. I was behind the times on that one, sure, but it wasn’t half as unheard of as it would be nowadays. Nowadays every person, their second grader and their dog has a cellphone.

One’s gotta roll with the digital punch to stay relevant. It’s a matter of adapting, and for a musician, a matter of life and death as far as getting “out there” is concerned. The world of possibilities is ever-present, constantly expanding and updating itself. Updating equals upgrading. It used to be that if you didn’t get pressed copies of your product to sell and/or distribute, no one ever heard it. Now all you need to do is click click click and its written with blood on a global database, accessible to everyone and anyone that knows how to work a computer. Damn have times changed. It’s a new reach-the- world attitude and it’s yours. For free.

With that said, check out a brand new track featuring myself, Trev Fox, and Mike Decline on the beat. Together, we’re The Say What Rights, and the track is GOLD SWORD CANE.

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Spring In Stride

on a March Monday

Aaaaaaah, and there’s the sun. Don’t get used to it though, you know better than that. As British coasters we’re used to weather givin’ us the run around, and in fact it’s a pretty good rule of thumb with which we can approach lots of things in life. Savour the sun while you have it, learn to love the rain, get comfortable with the idea that it can all flip on you at the drop of a hat. (more…)

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Reachingthe end to hit the beginning. It has been a looong journey. The Peak Performance Project is just about at a close, the results shared in about two weeks or so. I have the same feeling about it as I

 did at the start- the win itself was really in even getting into the top 20. The people I’ve met, the content learned and the strength I’ve recieved as an artist is all I could ever have hoped for. Not to sound like a Hallmark card, but it’s all in the journey isn’t it? (Cue long sorrowful string melody and the perserverant three legged puppy).

Of course, $100,000 dollars is nothing to sneeze at. The fate of a lucky band is resting in it, though each and every one of us has gained something immeasurable- I don’t want to speak for everyone but in this case I feel like I can. For me it has always been the daunting, intimidating nature of an industry that is so vast and so rapidly in flux that slows my jets. You think, “how am i ever supposed to navigate without a compass?”. This program has not only provided me with a compass, but with the extra tools I need to get from A to B. The majority of those tools are found nowhere but internally. Feeling capable is often all anyone needs to jumpstart an engine. Power is power is power- and it all starts in the interior landscape. Hallmark should pay me for this stuff.

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Free Download: The Footwork EP



Ashleigh Eymann - The Footwork EPIt’s yours for free… my first official release.

The Footwork EP

Listen, Love, Download… and Share!


Download it using the sidebar on this page or directly from my Music page.

hope you like it.

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New Website!



I finally have a new website! What do you think?

Thanks to Brian Thompson from Thorny Bleeder for hooking me up :)


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