To the Beat of a Different Eardrum

Thanks very much 2012, I love you but gahDAMN. So far you’ve tossed me the flu (which I lovingly refer to as the miserable quivers), strep throat, strep throat RELAPSE, and an excruciating earache that has led to my most recent upset- a ruptured eardrum. Many movies, sighs, and two rounds of antibiotics later and I’m not only exhausted but rather fed up with the walk-in-clinic system. No more!

Of all the drums I’ll ever use in my life, my eardrums are by far the most important. At the moment my right ear is virtually silent. It’s like dead air, a flatline…. VERY scary for anybody to experience, particularly when music is in every way your chosen path and passion. Luckily the hearing loss is only temporary. The eardrum is like any other drum- if there’s a tear in it, it can’t pump the sound out like its supposed to…. So I’m healing my little drum, one day at a time.

So as timing would have it (as always), the hearing issue comes at a pretty inopportune instant. Lots of shows coming up! First one being this Friday in Cumberland at the Waverly. Never performed there before but I only ever hear good things- big enthused crowds- and thats all I can hope for.  Get em’ dancin, and the night is a success in my book.  My girl Georgia Murray (with Tony Day and David Parfit), and the electric Kytami will join me, and I’ll be joined onstage for a few tracks with emcee extra-oridinaire Trevar Fox. Gonna hip hop your socks off. All with one eardrum…. fingers crossed! Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum.

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Spring In Stride

on a March Monday

Aaaaaaah, and there’s the sun. Don’t get used to it though, you know better than that. As British coasters we’re used to weather givin’ us the run around, and in fact it’s a pretty good rule of thumb with which we can approach lots of things in life. Savour the sun while you have it, learn to love the rain, get comfortable with the idea that it can all flip on you at the drop of a hat. (more…)

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