Spring In Stride

on a March Monday

Aaaaaaah, and there’s the sun. Don’t get used to it though, you know better than that. As British coasters we’re used to weather givin’ us the run around, and in fact it’s a pretty good rule of thumb with which we can approach lots of things in life. Savour the sun while you have it, learn to love the rain, get comfortable with the idea that it can all flip on you at the drop of a hat.

All that being said, YES. Another Spring comes knockin, you can feel it in the air. You can see it on the tips of branches, busting at the seams. I feel like that most days. Possibility’s always knockin, but Spring makes it pop.

So many exciting things happening these next few months, the first happening THIS Thursday at London Pub. Friends With The Help CD release! Doin a short set but can’t wait to bust a rhyme and shake my thang… Cheap drinks, NO COVER, and a bangin’ bill. It’s a no brainer.


So enjoy that sun, let it hit your face for a few minutes. Heaven knows when we’ll see it again…

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