Back in Action

Whoa. So apparently five weeks without a phone is like five years in media-time. I was off the grid there for a while. Gotta be honest- although it was frustrating to be unreachable, there was something very liberating about being free of the device that so many of us have become slaves to. Riding the bus became just that: riding the bus. Without the limitless possibilities available to me in the palm of my hand, I was free to actually be PRESENT. I could be aware of my surroundings again, look out the window, take in the immediate sensory experience without my eyes glued to a little screen. Yes, these little devices we’ve grown accustomed to are worlds in and of themselves, they open so many doors and give us access to almost anything, but they jar us out the moment.  Without my own phone to distract me, I became hyper aware of just how many people are completely wrapped up in theirs every spare moment they get. Gone are the days of just sitting at the bus stop and waiting. Now we have the opportunity to distract ourselves from the present 24 hours a day.

Don’t get me wrong- I missed my phone, particularly the first couple of weeks. I resented missing it in the same fashion I never wanted a fancy phone with a data plan. Something felt “out of touch”, which, as I type it, seems insanely comical.  Has being “in touch” really just become our presence on social media sites? Is it really just a digital this, a digital that, memes and statuses and cyber activity?  It’s bonkers. While we rely on those things for our careers, our relationships, and our ability to share things on a global scale, I think the true disconnect has occurred in our inability to be satisfied with ourselves in the present.  People have put too much of a premium on their digital lives. Attention spans are at an all time low. We live in a fast paced, instantly gratified plethora of digital mediums. Click goes the mouse, up goes an opinion, an image, a piece of information.   It’s a blessing and a curse, and we should be aware of the latter. There’s nothing wrong with our androids, our iphones, our laptops, or our what-have-yous, but we should stop and remember what life was like before they came along. We should stop, look up, look around, and check in with the world around us as it is in its natural state- it is HERE and its present, yours for FREE, each and every minute.

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  1. Wow! Ashleigh, I totally agree and you wrote so succinctly! Most people just don’t make time for those around them, to even notice others and see their pain, joy, sorrow or loneliness. Then there’s this amazing creation! We need to take the moments to smell the lilacs.

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