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Well, we survived another Christmas and made it to the other side. Nice to meetcha 2012, I’ve heard so many good things. The proverbial weather broke, a clarity of task and passion seem to meet in the middle now. Horizon is bright as ever and Im set to sink my teeth in with a full o’ vigour CHOMP.

Before I charge forward, a moment must be taken to pay intense respect to the late Etta James. To call her a legend is an understatement, and the world has lost such a powerful talent. When I heard that she had passed, I thought back to the very first time I sat and listened to her music with zero distraction. I was about 14 years old (pretty late on the Etta train, and even though I was such a devout fan of her era since childhood, my love affair with her specifically didn’t happen until I was a teeanager). Cross legged and alone outside with my headphones and discman (pre-ipod days), I sat, listened, and wept… I drank in every song and fell head over heels. Up until then, I had never been so taken over or moved by an artist in that way. I truly believe that there is indeed a very fine line between joy and sorrow, and I think my tears fell in that same fashion. There was such a deep pain and breakthrough glory in her voice, and I was forever changed from that evening on. It was a milestone moment in my life. A couple years later I performed her song “These Foolish Things” at a highschool concert- y’gotta give me credit for trying, hers ain’t no easy shoes to fill. Her music has remained in the foreground of my world ever since. Thank you Etta. You live on and on and on…

Now for some more current news. A couple weekends from now, that’s Feb 9&10, I embark on a two-show stint with two incredible female acts. Georgia Murray (my bestie since Etta-discovery year) and Kytami- a girl that I keep referring to as a force of nature, and rightfully so. The three of us are playing two dates, one on Friday in Port Alberni at The Rainbow Room, and then the next at Fat Teddy’s up in Mount Washington. This female trifecta offers something for everyone; we all have extremely different sounds but there’s a consistency in the dopeness. If you’re near any one of these areas, come and check us out- I guarantee not to dissapoint… http://www.facebook.com/events/299953010051106/

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