So this past week marks the release of my latest video. The response so far has been SO positive and supportive- I mean I knew people would dig it but I just didnt know how MUCH! It’s a pretty humbling thing.  The vid is for the track “Physical Form”, produced by my Cold Residents brother Aleph1ne (who also recorded, mixed, and mastered it). When I first heard the beat I just about salivated, it was the kind of grimy, gritty beat I love to write to… Lots of people think that since I’m a chick I only gravitate towards the more flowery, touchy-feely, souled out beats (and don’t get me wrong, I love those too), but there is something about a darker, grimier beat that speaks to me very loudly and always gets the wheels turning for more exciting writing.

My video-editing partner in crime, Trevar Fox, teamed up with me again and we tackled this the way we have our other videos- completely DIY to the maximum effect. We shot everything on our iPhones, and for the rest of the B-roll I gathered mostly old vintage footage off of youtube (a vast, infinite minefield of visual and audio gems)… The editing process itself is a LOT of work and doesnt happen quickly- it takes an immense amount of patience and persistence. The vid went through so many stages, tweaks, rehashing and reassessments… Since we get along so well I’m proud to say we never once got into a spat over anything, though there were times that tensions ran high and we were both so exhausted from looking at a computer screen that long. It helps to KNOW the person you are editing with- preferably to know them WELL- that way you feel a bit more open and willing to speak up about ideas/problems/issues you may have as the process gets more and more gruelling…

The vid itself I think reflects the track quite well- its gritty looking. We definitely went for that lo-fi, scratchy quality reminiscent of the 80′s & 90′s, with all the clips and cuts looking intentionally stitched together, like video patchwork set to a beat. The track is called “Physical Form” and I really wanted the visuals to try and reflect that as much as possible, using clips of physical feats and tried to highlight the connect between our spiritual beings and our physical bodies… The hook repeats just one line: “Through the spirit then it carries over to the physical”….At the end of the day, the video is supposed to be fun to watch. I try not to ever take myself too seriously and I always wanna relay that to people… Here’s the link!  I’ll leave it to you to gather what you will from it… Enjoy <3


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