Oh, B.C…. Snowing and it’s almost March. Whether it’s B.C. or global warming or major confusion on the planet’s grid, it’s a sight. Of course, until I have my own kids snow days are not what they used to be. Remember waking up to snow as a kid? You’d check the radio or call the school and see if school was on or not? If it wasn’t, it was like a free pass to paradise. You’d call up your friends, get bundled up and go tobaganning, go build snowmen, make snow angels, you name it. Pretty magical stuff. Now we’re old and we have to drive in it. Lame.

I used to dream about snow a lot. It hasn’t happened for a while but last night I had the first snow dream I’ve had in ages…. It had to be the “Sochi Olympics” dream episode, after watching all that skiing and skating and falling down… So last night I was a competitor, but like so many dreams I’ve had, I’m a competitor or a participant in whatever activity it may be but I have NO recollection of deciding to do it, I have no recollection of practicing, preparing or even KNOWING about the event until it happens. For example, I have a recurring dream that I am back in high school and the dream just STARTS with me in a desk after not being at school all year and there is a major math exam and I have NO idea about it nor do I know the answer to even one question… So lasts night dream was kinda like that, only I was an Olympic downhill skier with zero training and zero desire to be in the olympics. My course was to ski down this hill that was virtually a vertical drop that seemed to last for miles and miles….. My body in space felt so minuscule in comparison to the hill itself and to the mountain.  A gun went off and of course, having NO ski training I started down the hill but fumbled and realized that if I botch this up too badly, I’ll die. No question. So here’s this vertical drop that seems to go on for infinity and I am clinging to it with my fingers dug into the snow like a rock climber. My skis come off of my feet and tumble down and I’m just sort of dangling there. I look down at my certain death with no way of knowing how to get out of the situation and then I woke up. How comforting. Still don’t really know what to make of it….. I’ll think about it and report back.

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