One Step Away

OK. I don’t like advertising accolades. One, because it feels like bragging, and two, because I don’t want to jinx it. Success always seems to come with a catch in my eyes, it seems to be able to slip through your fingers quicker than it can arrive in your hands. Alas, I gotta tell you about this one. I need your help.

So my amazing Mother, God bless her, applied one of my songs in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest (actually she’s applied QUITE a few songs over the last couple years and they’ve all done really well).  The song I need your help with is called “Look to the Water”. I wrote it during my time as a top 20 performer in the Peak Performance Project in 2011.  It was Vancouver’s 125th birthday if I recall, and the task was to write a song inspired by the city- sort of an ode to Vancouver. “Look to the Water” is what I ended up with. We recorded it up in Rockridge canyon along with my fellow bandmates Sydney Beagle, Cameron Catalano and Colin Easthope. Shaun Verreault (of the band Wide Mouth Mason) was a guest speaker that year on the trip, and he ended up putting some pretty tasty guitar licks on there as well.  It was recorded with Nimbus and Dane Deviller.  Honestly was a pretty stressful scene seeing as how I had a brutal cold during the whole recording process. However, luck changes, folks…

So the song won the grand prize for the R&B category, and I ended up getting about six grand worth of gear. Pretty incredible. But HERE is where I need your help.  I need to make it past this next round, all determined by votes. Its just me vs this one other guy in my category. If I win this next stage I’m THEN in the running to win the MEGA grand prize of $20,000. Ummmmm excuse me?? Who’s broke? Who’s life could get MADE with this money? THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE…. So here’s all you need to do.  Go to  Scroll down to the box where it says VOTE. Click on the R&B category and then click on my name! Easy Peasy. You can vote once a day until the 29th of April, and you can use as many different email addresses as you like.

It is such a huge honour to even have made it this far…. I know its that same cliche Oscar response like, “It’s an honour to even get nominated”. But you know what? It is. I truly didnt even expect this kind of reaction from this song!! If you could all take a brief moment to help my cause and my artsy little heart, I’d be forever grateful. Thank you!!

Again, that’s

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