So Valentines Day came and went. Good riddance. The only time I can remember somewhat appreciating it was in elementary school. Of course we were supposed to buy Valentine cards for the ENTIRE class, and we did. There was always that hope however, that my head-over-tiny-heels crush of the moment would have somehow slipped a romantic signal of reciprocated feelings into their Ninja Turtle-gram.  If I remember correctly, there never was… but the HOPE was enough to keep us amped on the holiday wasn’t it?  Back in grade two we weren’t OVERLY concerned with the forced consumerism, the creepy guilt-tripping, or the absurdity of the “show your love once a year” holiday. Let’s love. Let’s love everyone. Let’s love ourselves. Let’s show it all the time. Everyday. Let’s do our very best.

Speaking of loving ourSELVES, I’m back in Bikrams yoga after an almost three year hiatus. Loving myself has never been so very, very sweaty.

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