Present Future

Happy 2013!

Is it me or does 2013 have WAY more of a futuristic ring to it than any of its predecessors? I think its the presence of the teen in there that really throws me for a loop.  It almost seems like the off-the-cuff year you’d just make up outta nowhere in the early 90′s with your friends ie) “this lineup is so long you guys! We’re gonna be here until like 2013!”.  That year you say in jest but never actually consider it as a serious candidate for how you’ll date your journal entries.  

New year, new date, new day… Same eyes, same nose, same fingers and toes, same smile, same spirit.  A new year is an ideal lamp post on which we can hang our revived commitments and pledges. Naturally, it reminds us all to shape up and ship out, and I watch the hoards of Resolutionaries line up at the gym and congregate in the produce section.  While this is all well and good, while refreshed intentions or self-improvements are always a nod in the right direction, New Years sort of reminds me of Valentines Day- that one day a year when all the lackluster partners and deadbeat lovers suddenly decide to tell the people in their lives just how much they care about them.  There is something off about it. It seems like too little too late in a way- a forced expression of something that should be shown and exercised everyday. I know I’m getting a bit cynical here haha… All that being said, a clean slate is often what we need to feel like we can do anything. I DO love a fresh start.  And this is gonna be one fresh year for all of us. I feel it in my bones.


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