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What is it about Autumn? Yeah, yeah, all the seasons have their charm- Winter’s cozy, Spring’s got the blossoms and rebirth, Summer’s well, SUMMER… But there’s that hard-to-pinpoint electricity in the air this time of year and I dig it. When we were kids it was all about back to school, so you figure that’s part of it. Then you grow up (more or less) and you realize that it’s not just the school thing… Autumn is crispness and colour and magic no matter how old you get.

This time last year I was up to my eyeballs in the ever-incredible Peak Performance Project.  All the showcases are underway now at the Red Room in Vancouver, the bands are givin’ it everything they’ve got onstage before the quicksand sink into paperwork. Until the day of my showcase last October, I had never experienced a “tension headache” before. I did every possible thing I could to remedy it. It stayed with me all day, right up until they called my name to go on stage. Once I was up there in the lights it vanished like a shot.

The PPP is certainly still special to me this year, my beautiful bestie Georgia Murray is in the Top 20 along with her man on the beats Tony Day. They’ll have a full live band with them at the Red Room, and WHILE writing this post Georgia asked me to sing backup harmonies for her and I’m SO honoured. Now this ain’t no bubblegum pop artist, folks.  First of all, her voice is flawless. I don’t mean flawless with the help of autotune or any of that BS you hear so much these days in the mainstream swill.  This girl’s got PIPES. Her voice can range from soft and ethereal to a hard-hitting, burn-the-house-down type of power.  Her songs have the same variety…Some of them on the sweet side, carefully placed and executed with steadiness and that sexy, breathy quality.  Then turn the corner and SHIZAM she hits you with the big guns, all with that steel-cutting precision. Oh yeah- did I mention she’s also drop dead gorgeous? Y’can’t buy that kind o’ package, people. I’m tellin ya.

Thursday, October 11th. Red Room. Vancouver. Tickets. In. Your. Pocket. Make it happen.

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