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My sincere apologies to the Blog Gods… I have been a blogging deadbeat so far this trip… I know so many of us are hip to it and never let a moment pass without blogging about it. To be perfectly honest it’s hard to detach yourself from the experience of being in such a beautiful place! There’s so much to be doing and I haven’t felt much like staring at a computer screen… That being said- updates are key!! So from now on I’m gonna be much more on my blog game, Blog Gods…

So let me start with recent events first. Last night’s showcases were ALL fantastic- in fact EVERYONE’S showcase I’ve seen has been incredible- each band offers something, I’ve been impressed with everyone’s skills and presence and vibe in general… Even if you hear someone on a record it’s ALWAYS a new ballgame seeing them live. Now. A band that I’ve seen before and expected nothing but the best from, “The Boom Booms” performed last night. I had a hunch that they were gonna be game changers in this thing. And they were. The BIGGEST game changers. SUCH an incredible performance from each of them individually as well as collectively. SO inspiring to watch and not only that but they are just some of the most awesome and down to earth people you will ever meet. THANK YOU BOOM BOOMS. I could go on and on about you. But EVERYONE was wonderful don’t get me wrong! I think its safe to say though that they stood out. We would all agree….

Another beautiful day at RockRidge Canyon… I am so very blessed to be here. Recording my vocals today, since I am still fighting this stupid cold and couldn’t record the other night when the band got their parts down… Symptoms of a cold and spirit of a giddy child- I’m a happy girl. I’m literally sitting at the computers and looking down at the lake. There is a deer eating grass right next to it…..I’m in a storybook.

Gotta get to first seminar but I’ll turn the page later…xo

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